What is The Best Way to Hand Out Business Cards to Network?

November 9, 2023

Everyone talks so much about how business cards should look that they tend to forget the crux of the matter at hand: handing them out to build your network. It can be quite challenging to figure out how you can give people these business cards, since there is a pretty good chance that missing the mark will create a first impression that will haunt you to the end of your days. There is a proper way to go about doing this, one that involves etiquette as well as subtlety, and we will outline all of the rules and regulations down below.

Metal Kards
One thing that we want to start off by mentioning is that there is no shame in maximizing the number of Metal Kards that you distribute to people at a networking event. This is because of the fact that the attendees will be expecting to receive an enormous amount of cards, so quantity is not the issue here. The truth of the situation is that you need to only give someone a card once you have established a rapport with them. Sure, you might be able to stuff cards into people’s pockets and hope they check them out, but it’s far more likely that they’ll just chuck them into trash.

Talking to people and getting to know them first increases the chances that they will want to hold on to your card, so the fact of the matter is that you should keep them in your own hands until the time is right. Timing is everything here, so as soon as you see the glint in their eyes that reveals that they are interested in whatever it is that you have to offer, that’s when the business cards should exchange hands. It takes a while to master, but pretty soon you’ll get the hang of it.