Fascinating Information on Lucuma Tree – Need to Know More Facts

January 9, 2023

Basic information

Lucuma is an time tested tree with a directly trunk hitting around 8-15 m, even 20 m or even grafted, a packed and spherical crown of 6-8 m diameter, gentle or darker brown velvety hair on its youthful branchlets, plus a copious milky latex that delivers each time a leaf is shattered off of or perhaps is wounded, or maybe if fruits are eliminated when immature. The yellowish pulp includes a firm, free of moisture and mealy consistency plus a sweet and distinctive flavor which has been compared to maple syrup. It really is a good source of carbo and unhealthy calories, provitamin A, nutritional B3 and phenolics.

Lucama Tree 


The new pulp is combined into desserts and drinks, or perhaps the pulp is dehydrated and terrain to your powder that is certainly also made use of through the dessert market. The tree is sub-tropical; ideal temps for fruit development are between 18 and 24°C, and is particularly adjusted to fairly dried out circumstances, increasing well by using a annually rain fall of approximately 800-1000 millimeters or its counterpart in irrigation. Because of the long juvenile duration of seed propagated trees and shrubs 10 years, vegetative propagation by way of grafting is considered the most applied technique for clonal propagation of Lucuma 4 years to fruit manufacturing. Even so, seed products are used to create rootstocks. At growing, attention needs to be used to ensure younger plants are certainly not waterlogged. Some trimming of your tree is needed since it develops to keep it in creation and annually fertilization practices are suggested. Though Lucuma is an extremely drought-tolerant vegetation, irrigation is required while in extended dry periods or perhaps in arid regions because the tree will not set up fruit below these problems.


Lucama grows completely on sun light and blooms and collections fruit throughout the year in the lack of drought. In addition, it blossoms in central Chile and near to the equator, suggesting no photoperiodic prerequisite. Reasonable to robust wind often deform the plant life and lead to blossom harm or low fruit established. Harvesting of lucuma is completed yourself and starts off as soon as the remove from the fruit actually starts to transform yellow. Just one lucuma tree brings up to 15-18 t ha or year inside the tenth season. The soft pulp, when older, will not provide this fruit for too long transportation or storage periods. Lucuma is really a subtropical fruit tree and is indigenous to the Andean location Ecuador, Chile, Peru of South America exactly where this has been grown considering that medieval times, and will also be found in parts of Bolivia, Colombia and Costa Rica. It really is generally becoming developed in Peru and Chile the location where the inhabitants is acquainted with its use but it has not yet enhanced to other parts on the planet, besides as vegetation in collections or backyard orchards.