Culinary School as a Business
The business in the field of educational services is becoming more and more popular: early development schools for children, language courses, drawing schools for children and adults, etc. The number…

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Main sections of the cafe business plan
Each well-designed business plan, including the cafe business plan, has specific sections, such as a resume, production plan, implementation plan, as well as an accurate financial plan. If the cafe…

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What to think about when choosing an industrial refrigerator
Of course, that an industrial refrigerated cabinet is one of the most important items of restaurant equipment. When choosing a refrigerator for a restaurant, there is a line of brands,…

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Seven items needed to open a bakery

Have you ever dreamed of opening your own bakery? You can make delicious cakes and great cookies, and everyone tells you that you should sell your pastries in a real bakery. Do you know where to start? If you want your business to succeed, it’s not enough to use kitchen appliances at home. You must start with these 8 items for your new bakery.

Hairpin trolley
If you intend to bake a large supply of products every day, you should not allow yourself to constantly use less than five baking sheets. A good baking sheet pin allows you to insert items directly into the refrigerator or store them safely and securely in the kitchen. A baking trolley for baking trays is an affordable way to expand storage and preserve your products even in a smaller kitchen.

Kneading machines / Mixers
The usual mixer, which you can use to make cakes and other products, will not be responsible for processing large volumes of orders. You can buy a dough mixing machine, which will cope with a large amount of work and make your dough airy and the correct consistency.

Industrial furnaces
What is a bakery without an oven? You need a way to bake, and you should buy an industrial oven, rather than relying on a traditional oven suitable for home cooking. You can buy a convection oven that will hold more than four baking sheets, or a convection oven with two baking sheets. Convection ovens are presented in gas and electric models, so you can choose the option that interests you. Whatever oven you decide to buy, do not forget a few additional baking sheets!

Baking requires a lot of consumables, and you need to keep them handy, so shelving is a common purchase for any bakery. You will also need to store all your bowls, dishes, and other items. Shelving will help you keep the organization at your new bakery.

Work tables
When you have the ingredients for cooking at your bakery, you need to work with them somewhere. A stainless steel kitchen table is needed to work with any dough, pastries, cookies. The desktop will allow you to get a little extra space, since you can store mixing bowls and other accessories on the bottom shelf.

Big cakes and other desserts start with the right ratio of ingredients, and the industrial scale ensures that you will use the scale for the right amount of food used.

Refrigerated cabinets
Cooling is a must in any kitchen, and the same applies to an industrial bakery. You may have to store many of your ingredients, such as milk or eggs, at an appropriate temperature. There are many options for refrigeration equipment on the market. Each of these products will contain cool content, but will differ in characteristics, so you should read the specifications of each model to make sure that you select the right device.

Creating a bakery with the right tools allows you to set up a process so your business can run smoothly. The more efficient your kitchen is, the more time you can devote to baking, decorating and other tasks related to the bakery. Let this seven-item list help you succeed in the baking business.

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