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Cast Iron Housework Tips

Cast iron is iron with a high carbon content; other additives such as chromium or nickel are not included. And, as you know, carbon does not protect cast iron cookware from corrosion. For cast iron, the protective film is a carbon film that occurs during cooking. It is a kind of non-stick coating.

It is for this reason that cast iron utensils cannot be cleaned “to the metal”, removing this natural protective layer. Proper care of cast iron cookware also requires hand washing, a soft sponge, warm or hot water, you can also use a non-metallic brush. It is very important to wipe the cast iron dry immediately after washing. For storage, you need to grease the inner surface of the dishes with vegetable oil, and before use, you need to heat it well.

The basics

– Only a hand wash is advisable. After a frying pan or pan is wiped dry. Even if this was the first use of the dishes.

– Be sure to grease cast iron utensils with vegetable oil, applying a thin layer after each wash.

– How much oil do you need? It will be enough to return a light shine. But do not overdo it, it is not necessary that the surface becomes sticky and very oily.

– Why is this necessary? To preserve the non-stick coating that is natural for cast iron cookware, the so-called “seasoning”, and this will provide additional protection against moisture and oxidation.
What is Seasoning?

– Seasoning is a protective film that was formed during the scaling of oil at high temperature.

– Seasoning gives cast iron cookware natural and natural non-stick qualities. And it turns out, the more you cook, the better for your dishes.

– If you cook and provide proper care for cast-iron utensils, then it can serve you and your business for a hundred years or more (An excellent restaurant relic can turn out!).

Lodge’s professional cast-iron cookware is perfect for traditional gas and electric stoves, induction and ceramic-coated stoves, ovens, and can even be cooked at the stake.

If you are cooking on stoves with a ceramic or glass surface, raise the pan or pan before moving it; do not carry it over the surface.

When the dishes are new, use a little more butter or vegetable oil until a non-stick layer is created. This is true for some types of products, eggs for example.

The property of cast-iron cookware is to keep warm for a long time and in most cases avoids using the maximum heat of the oven, burner or surface. Provided that before this, cast-iron dishes were preheated.

Absolutely all parts of a pan or pan, evenly heat up and have a high temperature, be extremely careful in the cooking process. Use special mittens and coasters if you want to serve the dish directly on the table.
How to wash cast iron dishes?

– Wash without any detergents, all that can be allowed is a little liquid soap.

– Do not wash in a dishwasher or with detergents. Such a washing will adversely affect cast iron – the entire non-stick layer will be removed.

– Naturally, do not soak a cast-iron pot or frying pan in water, and even less so in water with detergent.

– And most importantly, after washing, immediately wipe the product dry, on all sides, grease the inside with oil and warm it well. This is necessary to avoid rust and the dishes should be sterile.

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Cast Iron Housework Tips
Cast iron is iron with a high carbon content; other additives such as chromium or nickel are not included. And, as you know, carbon does not protect cast iron cookware…


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