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Organization of the restaurant’s kitchen: Right questions

The decision to open a restaurant raises a whole range of issues that need to be addressed to a novice restaurateur. Restaurant concept, food expenses, menu content, room design, staffing requirements, construction costs and permits. Everything must be carefully thought out. But you should pay the closest attention to the heart of your restaurant – the kitchen. Needless to say, this is primarily why people go to a restaurant.

So, our tips for beginners in the restaurant business, which you need to use throughout the process of designing a technological process in restaurant kitchens, from buying equipment to a restaurant to recycling.

Goods acceptance area (ramp): where we will receive all products, drinks, supplies and households. needs Consider the types of products that you will receive and in what quantities and proportions. Do I need a refrigerator at the reception? Or most products do not require quick refrigeration? Think about this early in the planning of your “ramp” and you will have a clear process without delay, from reception to service.

Each restaurant has refrigerators and a so-called dry warehouse. How much of this or that space is needed exactly by your institution depends on a number of factors. How large is the territorial coverage of your restaurant or cafe? What are the planned peak loads when fully planted in the hall (and on the summer terrace)? Do you need refrigerated tables in the work shops of the restaurant? How and in which containers or food containers will the products be stored?

Where and how to think over a place for preparing dishes will depend on the design of your kitchen. How close or far are ovens, deep fryers, and other appliances? Perhaps you need a built-in refrigerator? Want to store blenders, mixers, and other small equipment under your preparation tables for easy access? Usually enough a simple kitchen table made of stainless steel. If you open an institution that, for example, will offer fresh sandwiches, then the refrigerating table will better cope with this task.

Now we move on to the large technological equipment for the restaurant. Think zoning the kitchen. Where there will be convection ovens, double boilers and an ice maker. Does the area allow you to install two gas stoves with six burners each or do you need other solutions? It is important to plan all the technological processes in your kitchen so that the location of the equipment does not interfere with the work of cooks and waiters.

This is the part where the waiters pick up orders from the kitchen. Here are the dishes, dressing, serving for waiters. This must be a separate place. Most cookware should be stored near the distribution line so that it is easily accessible to cooks. It is also necessary to think over the zone to maintain the desired temperature for ready meals. It can be both a thermal showcase and a sushi case.

Washing dishes
The dishwashing area is just as important as any other workshop in the restaurant. Without this, your kitchen will not be able to function. At the very least, you should have a three-section washing tub if you are not using a dishwasher. Of course, it all depends on the load of your institution. If you still need a dishwasher, you can see this infographic, it will help you with a choice. In addition, you need to plan a separate storage space for detergents, sponges, scrapers, etc.

Garbage and waste
This is the last step in the process of designing technological processes in the kitchen. How and where will industrial waste be collected? Most likely, they will be needed as ordinary garbage containers, and a well-thought-out system for the disposal of used deep-frying fats is desirable.

Think of your kitchen project as a puzzle. All parts must be combined with each other in the most efficient way. The design and design of the restaurant’s kitchen, of course, largely depends on what kind of space and area you have for it. It is much more advisable to think over everything at the initial stage. If you need help, please contact our design department.

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