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How to register HACCP (HACCP)?

On September 20, 2019, the last stage of the integration of the new system comes into force – the introduction of HACCP in public catering at small enterprises. Now it will affect cafes, bars and restaurants. An official warning can be found on the website of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection.

What is HACCP (HACCP)?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is an international food safety risk management standard. In a simple way – quality control at a food company. What does this mean for restaurateurs? You need to develop and register technical documentation for the most important (critical) processes in the restaurant.

See a complete list of basic food safety and quality requirements.

An example of using HACCP in restaurants

The HACCP system at the enterprise depends on the format of the institution, where some critical processes may differ. But there are key points that everyone needs to consider, so we recommend developing:

general procedures for using equipment in the kitchen and bar,

hygiene instructions for staff

monitoring system for cleanliness in the room and the rules for its maintenance,

cooking instructions

the procedure for receiving products from suppliers,

transportation of raw materials,

process and storage temperature of products,

cooking and serving time.
You can learn more about how HACCP works on the free course by the State Food Service of Ukraine.
What are the fines for the lack of a HACCP system (HACCP)?

At the end of 2018, Article 65 of the Law of Ukraine provided fines for:

legal entities in the amount of thirty minimum wages or 126 000 UAH,

individuals (FLP) in the amount of fifteen minimum wages or 63 000 UAH.

How to register HACCP (HACCP)?

First you need to register production facilities:

Submit an application to any territorial body of the State Consumer Service. Select the one closest to you from the list.
The application must be submitted by the owner or his authorized person 10 days before the institution starts work.
The territorial authority makes a decision and, if everything is executed correctly, issues an order for state registration. Within 5 business days, you are required to provide a registration number.
Download sample application.
From September 20, 2019, all small and medium-sized businesses will have to master new standards.
In the end: is the HACCP certificate needed or not?

According to the law (part 7 of article 21), registration should be of capacities, and not of HACCP itself. The certificate is still optional. But from the moment of registration of capacities, it is understood that after September 20, you must already have implemented the HACCP system. And this means that your institution can already be included in the inspection plan, and if there are enough reasons, they can check it.
Therefore, to implement the system, it is worth attracting only accredited companies that can issue a confirmation certificate according to the ISO 22000: 2007 standard. This will significantly help with any checks of the State Consumer Service.

The implementation of the HACCP program is another step towards the integration of international food safety standards. Since there are no sanitation authorities in Ukraine anymore, now each owner independently creates and maintains the HACCP system for the restaurant and is responsible in case of any incident. Do not delay registration so that a sudden check is not an unpleasant surprise for you.

Laws and documents confirming HACCP in Ukraine

The Law of Ukraine “On Basic Principles and Requirements for Food Safety and Quality”.

Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine No. 590 dated 01.10.2012 “On approval of the Requirements for the development, implementation and application of permanent procedures based on the principles of the Food Safety Management System (HACCP in Ukraine)”.

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