The principle of catering companies
Lunch delivery to the office is today a very popular service. This service is also called catering. Although this concept implies a wide range of services for holding various corporate…

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Automation of restaurant business
When the average standard of living began to grow slowly in our country, the level of catering facilities: cafes, restaurants, and canteens began to grow simultaneously. This is quite logical:…

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Organization of the restaurant's kitchen: Right questions
The decision to open a restaurant raises a whole range of issues that need to be addressed to a novice restaurateur. Restaurant concept, food expenses, menu content, room design, staffing…

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MerryChef – Turbo mode of your business

Fast food is a quick and inexpensive way to have a snack on the street. The first is achieved through full self-service: in institutions of this kind, service by waiters is practically absent. The second – due to the specific way of cooking.

Each country has its own national street food. As a rule, fast foods operate using semi-finished products, the final processing or heating of which is carried out immediately before delivery to the client. The preparation of semi-finished products of a high degree of readiness takes place, as a rule, not in the fast-food kitchen, but in an own or rented production workshop. In this regard, fast foods are distinguished by a narrow menu – the number of dishes in the menu in rare cases exceeds 30.

The next feature – fast foods are distinguished by strict standardization. Therefore, franchising development or the development of their own network of institutions is effective for them. Everything is standardized: interior, sign, furniture, dishes, assortment, business processes, technological equipment, advertising materials, etc.
Another feature is the location of fast food.

Fast food should be located in crowded places. It is good if there are business centers and entertainment complexes nearby. By the way, placing a fast food establishment directly on the territory of the entertainment center is also a great option – in this case, a flow of customers will be provided to you. An institution of this kind cannot be successful if it is located in a place where passenger traffic does not exceed at least 700 people per hour, and even better than 10OO. In this case, passenger flows are, first of all, pedestrian flows, although the experience of McDonald’s suggests that you can successfully conduct your business also for motorists when creating the appropriate conditions for driving in and parking cars.

Hence the main advantages of fast food:

– convenience of location;

– menu;

– speed of service and meal;

– price.
A very important feature of fast foods is the service time (2 – 3 minutes) and the time that visitors stay in such an institution (an average of 30 minutes). Therefore, the interior of fast foods, as a rule, does not differ in complexity and an abundance of decorative details: clean, hygienic, light, but nothing more. All this is done so that the visitor does not linger in fast food: the turnover of one seat is one of the main criteria for the success of such an institution.

The key criterion is fast food, not fast food. At the same time, the client is pleased to be in the institution for a long time; The speed of the kitchen and the speed of delivery are one of the main and fundamental principles of the creation and operation of fast food.

The offer of fresh pastries today has become a key for gas station operators, due to the specifics of the location, they are unable to organize full-cycle production and therefore prefer compact oven models that are optimal for heating or baking ready-to-cook semi-finished products. Merrychef equipment has become more interested in gas stations, cafes and cafeterias, fast food establishments and airports – all those formats where speed of service in a limited space is important, ”says Stanislav Batalov, regional sales manager in the CIS of Welbilt. The priority for the cafe at the gas station is also played by the autonomy of the equipment, so Merrychef furnaces are ideal for them.

Merrychef Eikon, e4, e3, e2s superfast combined ovens are ideal for fast food, cafes, gas stations, restaurants, shops. Great power in a small package. Ideal for operations where space is limited. Merrychef ovens use special silicone trays.
Since the 1950s, the English company MERRYCHEF has been an expert in the development of high-performance commercial microwave ovens for catering. The modern product line includes a number of thoughtful devices, each of which is created for specific culinary tasks, which means that it can meet the requirements of every cook working in a restaurant, dining room or food court.

Ovens of this brand operate in three modes: convection, microwave heating and heat stroke. Thanks to this combination, as well as Accelerated Cooking Technology®, these devices not only quickly and correctly heat dishes, bake, fry, that is, fully cook both semi-finished products and gourmet snacks and dishes. Cooking time is reduced by 10 times, while the quality of cooking at altitude.

The fact is that accelerated cooking – the so-called cooking in Merrychef – is a mixture of convection and microwaves. Convection is a rotating fan that pumps air into the oven and creates a crust during cooking. And microwave heating – it very quickly heats the product from the inside. Incredibly fast. Just lightning fast.

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