Restaurateur Sergey Melnik. Interview at Klumba
Odessans managed to fall in love with Klumba for its delicious cuisine, cozy interior and special atmosphere ... For your attention, an interview with the creator of this beautiful restaurant…

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Repair and maintenance of refrigeration equipment for a restaurant.
Let's start with the basics, but I assure you, the further you read, the more interesting it will be. So, the refrigeration equipment installed in the restaurant’s kitchen is, of…

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Dry Ager - Cabinets for dry meat aging
DRY AGER is the number 1 brand in the world under which special refrigerated cabinets for dry ripening (aging) of meat are produced. The equipment is autonomous in relation to…

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The right equipment to open a new restaurant

For many people, opening a restaurant is one of their most cherished desires. Many people can be passionate about food and enjoy cooking it, so it’s natural if they want to share their passion. You will need the right equipment to open your restaurant and make every effort for success. No matter what restaurant you open, you will need equipment for storing food, cooking. You will also need several products to organize your kitchen that meet the standards. Let’s look at 10 pieces of equipment that you need to purchase for a restaurant.

Refrigeration units
Regardless of whether you open a restaurant or a bar / grill, you need to have good refrigeration equipment. There are many industrial refrigerated cabinets on sale in the market for any size kitchen and budget.

As soon as you start buying cooking products for your restaurant customers, where are you going to store these products? You will need a good set of racks for storing food, as well as for storing other items safely and within reach.

Ovens and stoves
A great restaurant starts with great food, and if you don’t have the right cooking tools, you start from scratch. You will need to buy the proper heating equipment, such as an industrial stove. Professional heating equipment is presented in a wide variety, and you are sure to pick up the models you are interested in.

Production tables
During the preparation of any dishes, you will need a production table to properly lay out the ingredients, as well as to keep them handy.

Ice makers
Your visitors expect cold drinks at your restaurant, and your job is to give them these drinks. Since you do not have to have a refrigerator / freezer with a built-in ice machine in an industrial kitchen, you will need a special ice machine. Ice generators can easily produce large amounts of ice.

Industrial dishwasher
After cooking and eating, there are mountains of dirty dishes. Not only can washing the dishes by hand can be wasteful, but it is also time consuming and, moreover, the dishes are not cleaned properly. A professional dishwasher allows you to wash and disinfect large quantities of dishes quickly, and many models come with environmental cleaning features.

Restaurants have a lot of worries, and you should carefully organize all the work of your establishment. Trolleys, as an accessory, allow you to store food, and also help transport things through your kitchen thanks to the attached cart rollers.

Each dish begins with a recipe, and each recipe depends on the right amount of ingredients. You can correctly measure your ingredients and make sure that you follow the costs of products according to the weight scale. Scales are also a good way to make sure you are offering a good serving size.

Shop windows
Many restaurants like to offer desserts such as homemade pies and other pastries. If you intend to offer desserts, you should buy a display case. A refrigerated display case will not only preserve dishes, but will also help in a good presentation of your dishes.

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