Convotherm 4 combi steamers - Detailed overview
More recently, when it comes to the temporal dimensions of the restaurant equipment market, Convotherm introduced its new product to the world - a series of fourth-generation combi steamers Convotherm…

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Convotherm 4 combi steamers – Detailed overview

More recently, when it comes to the temporal dimensions of the restaurant equipment market, Convotherm introduced its new product to the world – a series of fourth-generation combi steamers Convotherm 4. According to the manufacturer, this equipment introduces a completely new quality of design, functionality and efficiency to professional kitchens.

Advanced technologies, ease of operation and wide possibilities of combi steamers can be said immediately. The design concept is carried over to the entire Convotherm 4 series, which includes seven sizes of devices, each in six basic versions. This creates a combination of functional flexibility and consistent design, an absolute novelty for equipment such as combi steamers.

Let’s start the review of the Convotherm 4 combi ovens, not only in the booklet, but also in practice – our asset already has a demo model! If you want not to read but to see, please – watch the video review.

Listening to the wishes and feedback of its customers, Convotherm 4 was created taking into account all the possible requirements in a professional kitchen. With two control concepts – easyTouch and easyDial, for mechanical and automated processes.

Convotherm 4 combi steamers standard equipment includes:

Advanced design, ideal for open kitchens
ACS +: 3rd generation excellence
Compact dimensions and therefore suitable sizes even for small kitchens
Doors with a slam function (desktop models only)
HygienicCare: antibacterial surfaces for control panels, door handles and hand shower with hose reel – a new safety concept
USB port integrated in control panel
Quality “Made in Germany” is responsible for maintaining a high quality standard, a sign of demand for ourselves!
Additional options for Convotherm 4 include:

A recessed door that saves space and increases operational safety
ConvoSmoke: easyTouch integrated smoking function (for desktop versions only, electrical version)
ConvoClean in easyDial, a fully automatic washing system (regular mode), optionally equipped with an individual detergent dosing system
Ethernet / LAN port for easyDial
External probe Sous-Vide
Evaporative cleaning system (integrated condensing system)
Grill version with separate drain for grease (desktop models only)
Version for places of detention (prisons)
Ship version (cruise ships, merchant ships, etc.)
Special voltage options (individual approach possible)
Innovative design combined with functionality

Thanks to the novelty and aesthetic impeccability of the design, Convotherm 4 is ideal for open kitchens. The principle of “function determines the form” is reflected in the expressiveness of the combi steamers, opening new horizons for intuitive control and on impeccable service.

Control Panel – easyTouch

Convotherm 4 easyTouch.jpg
Convotherm, the first company to use Full-Touch-Screen technology in combi steamers, offers its customers a whole new level of control convenience. The Convotherm 4 easyTouch is powered by an ultra-modern 9-inch Full-Touch-Screen with a new, configurable user interface.

Press & Go: automatic cooking using shortcut buttons for optimal process reliability. There is no need to enter parameters such as product size, degree of frying and internal temperature.
Flexible regeneration function: a preliminary selection of modes is provided: a la carte, plate-banquet system, buffet.
Cooking in manual mode.
Integrated easySystem with separation of “Manager” and “Crew mode”, a solution for networks and large catering establishments.
Detailed service information for prompt and focused assistance in the event of an error.
399 cooking programs with up to 20 stages each.
On-screen help with thematic video instructions.
TrayTimer: download management function – the ability to set the ideal time intervals for the product at each level.
Cook & Hold: automatic temperature reduction at the end of the processing cycle – preparation and storage in a heated state in a single process.
? -T / NT (delicate cooking) modes are ideal for use, including at night.

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