Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant business - secrets of success for beginners
Being a restaurateur today is both fashionable and prestigious. It is believed that the restaurant business brings good profits even in times of crisis. Provided that the concept of the…

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Salamander grill
Salamander grill is the highlight of any professional cuisine: a distinctive feature of this type of equipment is the ability to give the dish a golden crust, to keep the…

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Smoking equipment
Soft smoked pork meat with a delicate smoky aroma can conquer the heart of any gourmet. Of course, store shelves offer an abundance of names for similar products. However, smoked…

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How to save energy in a restaurant

Tips from our customer service:

Turn it off when it is possible: do not leave the equipment idling, thereby consuming not a small amount of energy – for example, it can be an electric stove. Turn it off during the afternoon lull or according to the workload plan of your restaurant or cafe.

Personnel training: provide your employees with appropriate training on working on the equipment that they use. Professional equipment for a restaurant or bar can be complicated enough for a beginner. For example, Convotherm 4 combi steamers.

Learn your cooking methods: looking at the menu, determine which dishes or preparations can be cooked on more economical equipment and refuse to use one that creates additional energy consumption. Continue reading

About cook education, Chef’s experience and the realities of today’s restaurant market in Ukraine on the way to Europe (part 2)

But in any of the institutions, the client is first of all looking for TASTY FOOD !!! And only then (on the basis of the received taste impressions – tasty – not tasty) assesses in general: service, interior, atmosphere, and all other distinctive features, passing a verdict – whether he will come here next time. When TASTY, in 80% of cases, a person returns after the first visit, even if there were minor flaws, pushed into the background by excellent food. Continue reading

About cook education, Chef’s experience and the realities of today’s restaurant market in Ukraine on the way to Europe (part 1)

Thoughts and stories from the notebooks of an experienced chef.
Many, including myself, as a young Chef professed maximalism. On the one hand, it’s great. This is the spring that makes young people strive for the heights of the profession. But sometimes it spills over to extremes. Many of which (albeit in a somewhat hypertrophied form) have already managed to publicize in television shows. By creating a false image of professional work. A vivid example can be considered a show with the legendary Michelin chef Gordon Ramsay. Similar “hellish” moments were in my practice. But this is rather a short-term stress caused by a combination of circumstances, aggravated by non-professional actions of the team, and especially the boss himself. I mean the experience of leadership and planning, as one of the main tools of the Chef’s work, which appears over time. With the understanding that all cooks are different. Continue reading

Cast Iron Housework Tips

Cast iron is iron with a high carbon content; other additives such as chromium or nickel are not included. And, as you know, carbon does not protect cast iron cookware from corrosion. For cast iron, the protective film is a carbon film that occurs during cooking. It is a kind of non-stick coating.

It is for this reason that cast iron utensils cannot be cleaned “to the metal”, removing this natural protective layer. Proper care of cast iron cookware also requires hand washing, a soft sponge, warm or hot water, you can also use a non-metallic brush. It is very important to wipe the cast iron dry immediately after washing. For storage, you need to grease the inner surface of the dishes with vegetable oil, and before use, you need to heat it well. Continue reading

Meat Ripening – Basic Knowledge

Aging or ripening meat is an important culinary preparation of raw meat for further cooking.

The right approach to it allows you to get a high-quality product with optimal organoleptic properties, which will be an ideal basis for steaks, meat stew, boiled pork, boiled pork, broths, etc.

What you should know about the ripening of meat?

Firstly, we will define the concepts. So, ripening is a process of aging meat raw materials, aimed primarily at softening muscle tissue in it, changing chemical and physical properties, namely density, taste, color and smell, as well as water-holding qualities. Continue reading

Automation of restaurant business
When the average standard of living began to grow slowly in our country, the level of catering facilities: cafes, restaurants, and canteens began to grow simultaneously. This is quite logical:…


Restaurateur Sergey Melnik. Interview at Klumba
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Restaurant concept development (part 2)
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Restaurant concept development (part 1)
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