Restaurant Equipment

What the client pays for
Depending on the niche - fast food, a democratic or exclusive restaurant - the average bill paid by a client ranges from $ 5-10 to $ 100. The most active…

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Meat Ripening - Basic Knowledge
Aging or ripening meat is an important culinary preparation of raw meat for further cooking. The right approach to it allows you to get a high-quality product with optimal organoleptic…

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The principle of catering companies
Lunch delivery to the office is today a very popular service. This service is also called catering. Although this concept implies a wide range of services for holding various corporate…

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What should be the interior of a modern cafe?

It is always a pleasure to sit in a cozy and beautiful cafe. Although in our time almost every family has a car, an auto-refrigerator and barbecue facilities for barbecue trips, many people prefer to visit a cafe or a restaurant on a weekend. A good cafe is not only a delicious cuisine, but also the opportunity to relax yourself or with friends in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. For the attractiveness of the cafe is of great importance as its appearance – the facade and interior decoration. First of all, you need to decide on the theme of the future cafe. The design of a good cafe should be made in a certain style and correspond to its main focus, status and name. Fantasy can be limitless. A talented designer, taking into account the requirements of the customer, can create a magnificent modern interior. Continue reading

Restaurant business – secrets of success for beginners

Being a restaurateur today is both fashionable and prestigious. It is believed that the restaurant business brings good profits even in times of crisis. Provided that the concept of the institution is chosen correctly, the kitchen did not disappoint, the interior is original, and the staff is well trained. It would seem that it could be easier than opening a restaurant if you have start-up capital? However, there are many pitfalls along this path. And it’s better to learn from the mistakes of others than from your own.

So, the main thing in any institution is the concept, which must be chosen correctly. And no matter what it will be – a bistro, a student cafe, a restaurant at the hotel or a country tavern. Continue reading

Automation of restaurant business

When the average standard of living began to grow slowly in our country, the level of catering facilities: cafes, restaurants, and canteens began to grow simultaneously. This is quite logical: people got more money, therefore, they got the opportunity, at least sometimes, to eat outside the home, and demand, as you know, creates supply. But customers began to make higher demands on visited institutions. The restaurant (cafe, dining room) should please not only with the taste of the dishes offered and the external decoration, but also with the speed and quality of service, well-trained staff.

The quality program for the restaurant (cafe, dining room, bar, etc.) will greatly facilitate the work of your staff. Continue reading

Features of a modern beer restaurant

A beer restaurant today is a special class of establishments that differs from others in some specific features. The unique atomosphere reigns in it, and in the menu you can find not only unique beers, but also traditional cuisine (most often German or Czech).

Firstly, any beer restaurant serves delicious draft beer from foreign manufacturers. Given the degree of love for this drink among our population, we can understand why beer restaurants are so popular. Often, a beer restaurant produces beer on its own, which enables customers to try “live” beer, which contains a lively culture of yeast bacteria, which makes this type of beer especially tasty. But even if the beer restaurant does not offer beer of its own production, do not rush to be upset, because, as a rule, the beer restaurant orders beer from famous beer brands: most often the beer restaurant offers draft beer from well-known German and Czech producers. Continue reading

Dinner party or what you need to know about the banquet

In the popular and beloved film “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes the Profession”, the phrase “I demand a continuation of a banquet!” Was said from the mouth of the hero. Was this a banquet feast and what is a banquet? Banquet is a foreign word and means a dinner party or dinner, which is not attended without invitation, hence the definition – a dinner party.

I would like to mark any solemn or memorable date so that it will be remembered for a long time. Most often, in such cases, a banquet hall is ordered so that the dinner or lunch is organized and performed at a high level. Feasts are different. A banquet hall for a wedding is usually designed for a large number of guests, and a banquet hall for a celebration can be chamber, if the number of guests is small. Continue reading

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Automation of restaurant business
When the average standard of living began to grow slowly in our country, the level of catering facilities: cafes, restaurants, and canteens began to grow simultaneously. This is quite logical:…


Spent Deep-Fried Fats in Food Service: Management Tips.
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Microwaves Miele
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Smoking equipment
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